The Next Generation in Waste Water Treatment Technology
Let us help you with wash pad design to meet all state DEP and EPA requirements with TURN-KEY DESIGN .  
The Next Generation  worked with Charleston City Marina to restore this boat yard in Wando S.C., now Charleston
City Boatyard. This Boatyard is the first Clean Boat yard in S.C.
The Next Generation engineered the necessary
modification to this wash pad to meet EPA, and
state requirements for Storm Water NPDES permit
and Clean Boatyard certification as part of
TURN-KEY service provided by The Next
New wash pad designed for using screen trap and sump
pump tank. The wash pad is sloped to the sump and the
pad itself is raised above grade, this prevents rain water
from running onto the pad and wash water from running off
the pad. Sump box drains to PVC pipe next to recycle
system then pumped to separator.
large in ground sump and did not order the screen trap that was recommended. To improve the solid collection and
prevent solids from entering the sump a filter cloth is used under the grating. Existing building was modified to allow the
recycle system installation , doors will be added for winter protection.
Wash pad designed by The Next Generation for
large 550 ton travel lift. Recycle system housed in
existing shipping container engineering provided
as part of
turn-key service.
South Port Marina N.C. model Cl-500-BF installed next to wash
pad before building was built around unit.
TURN-KEY project
engineered by The Next Generation.
10 inch PVC pipe for sump
Concrete sump with filter cloth under
PVC pipe for sump pump next to
recycle unit.
The Next Generation in Waste Water Treatment Technology will work with you are your engineer to design a wash pad and equipment location as part of out
service. If you have a wash pad we can help you with the necessary modification's to meet the requirement of our recycle system, and make sure you meet the
requirement  for Storm Water NPDES permit.

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contanment wall around wash area
sump box with screen trap
rain water overflow line
back wash line
line to recycle system pump tank under container
sump box with screen trap
Screen trap before installing in sump
sump with screen trap
10" PVC pipe for sump pump
THE NEXT GENERATION worked with Jim Foley at Billings Diesel & Marine Service Stonington Maine to
design this wash pad. This wash pad is elevated above grade by adding new asphalt.The concrete is used
to support the travel lift, and provide a containment around the wash area.
The asphalt slopes to
the center and because
of the natural slope of
the ground drains to the
end of the wash pad.
The location of the
sump can be located
any where within the
wash pad, also the
design allows the wash
pad to be located away
from the water.
the bag insert is placed inside of the screen trap and is
removed by straps on each side. This bag insert is made of
polyester 200 mesh when full of material it's removed
cleaned and reinstalled.